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Marxist funky hip-hop hour

March 27, 2008

They got some big ups from the critical fraternity in 2006 for Pick a Bigger Weapon and dudes in the know have been into them for years, but my love of The Coup has developed slowly over the last year. Maybe it’s the kinda extreme politics (shoplifting sticking it to the man, conspiracy theories about Bush and Hussein being in league). Yeah, that could be it.

The reason they’re worth your while, even if you’re not dedicating your life to bringing down the Fascist State of AmeriKKKa, is that they bring the funk in ways that almost no one has done since Bootsy Collins and George Clinton made an unholy pact with the forces of groove. DJ Pam seems to have a preternatural ability to take the best of classic P-funk, G-funk and disco and meld it into slick-but-not-saccharine hip-hop goodness. And Boots and his lyrics? Well, they’re at least entertaining.

I present the perfect baby-making song of all time (literally) and an inspiring track about…well, something. Ass, probably.

The Coup – “BabyLet’sMakeABabyBeforeBushDoSomethingCrazy”

The Coup – “Shoyoass”