Lord knows, I’ve tried

November 24, 2008

Jason Martin’s Starflyer 59 project has been the little band that could for 15 years now.  From early days as “the American My Bloody Valentine” through to recent low-key pop albums, they’ve attracted a pretty solid fan base and can generally be assured of positive write-ups with each new album.

For me, they peaked with 2003’s Old – which is unfortunate because their subsequent albums have been a little bit paint-by-numbers.  In particular, 2006’s My Island was lacklustre, if lifted by a couple of brilliant tunes.  Their latest, Dial M, has the distinctive 2000s Starflyer sound.  It’s all mid-tempos, simple drumbeats, laconic vocals and new-wave inspired guitars.   His lyrics are lightly self-mocking (“the kids want a faster beat” he sings).  It’s not a complete return to the Golden Age, but it’s got definite charm.

Sure, Jason Martin could record his after-dinner digestion sounds and I’d probably listen to it, but this one gives me hopes for a Starflyer resurgence.

Starflyer 59 – “M23”

Starflyer 59 – “Altercation”


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