Still fond

October 31, 2008

One of my favourite bands of jerky indie popsters are Auckland’s Cut Off Your Hands.  To my ears, they’ve got more memorable songs and more charisma than a lot of similar bands.  I read a review of their debut album You and I that asked “Do we really need another Kaiser Chiefs?”  Probably not, but Cut Off Your Hands are a lot more than a rip-off of better-known artists.

Oddly, the album doesn’t include the track of the same name, the energetic little number that won over quite a few listeners back in 2006.  That disappointment is only minor, because some of the great songs off last year’s Blue on Blue EP are included, as well as some excellent new tracks.

The band have clearly discovered the 1960s in the meantime, because the new tracks bear the marks of a lot of time spent listening to Pet Sounds.  It works well – these songs are lot sweeter and more endearing than most punky pop of the moment.  There are also a couple of downbeat songs that look at spritual disillusionment.  It’s a creative and catchy disc and I’m putting in an early nomination for Album of the Southern Hemisphere Summer.

Cut Off Your Hands – “Turn Cold”

Cut Off Your Hands – “Heartbreak”

Cut Off Your Hands – “Oh Girl”


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