A song to make you weep

October 15, 2008

It’s absurd to think that I only discovered Josh Rouse in June, considering how much I’ve become obsessed with him.  Maybe it’s the easy familiarity of his music.  It’s not Japanese noisenik tech-house or anything – it’s intelligent, laidback pop music of the kind that you and your dad can agree on.  This is a serious compliment, as far as I’m concerned.

He hit the ground running with a stellar run of albums and EPs in the early century – now anthologised in The Rykodisc Years, a pretty impressive double-CD compilation of his work to 2005.  Singles like “Comeback (Light Therapy)” and “Dressed Up Like Nebraska” have been crying out to be on a Best Of since about 1974 or whenever Lindsey Buckingham or the Bee Gees almost wrote them.  They are that good.

There are also some nice odds-and-sods: an acoustic version of “Sad Eyes” (one of my favourite Rouse numbers), a demo of “Christmas With Jesus” and his early EP Bedroom Classics Vol. 1, which stand up pretty well against the “hits”.  It’s a good introduction to Rouse, although you might as well do what I did when I discovered him and track down every track you can find.

Josh Rouse – “A Song To Help You Sleep”

Josh Rouse – “Sad Eyes (Bedroom Classics version)”



  1. Have you heard all of Home? You need to hear all of Home.

  2. Oh man – that’s one of the albums I don’t have. I’ll get onto it.

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