Just to leave her

October 3, 2008

Somehow in all their years of existence, I’d never heard a Mendoza Line song – and I’d laboured under the impression that they were emo.  I wonder why?  They’re kind of country rock, if anything.

Now they’ve broken up, mainly due to the marital split of frontpeople Tim Bracy and Shannon McArdle.  From what I’ve read, Tim was the one who walked out – so Shannon recorded an album all about what a shitty year she’s had.

It’s a harrowing listen, as break-up albums that aren’t Fleetwood Mac generally are, but it’s intriguing and gritty and sometimes incredibly beautiful.

The first track, “Poison My Cup”, is probably the most immediate – it sounds like a torch song done by late-period Cowboy Junkies.  It’s a sarcastic kiss-off and it’s an ideal track for angry late nights with a bottle of something strong.

“He Was Gone” is going to get a lot of attention as well, but more for it’s difficult subject matter.  McArdle lets it all hang out at various points on the album, but her frank grieving over the child she never got to have with Bracy makes you feel like you’ve walked in on someone else’s marriage counselling session.  It’s acutely uncomfortable, especially when she sings “You don’t ask her to wait just to leave her”.  Ouch.

It’s not the slickest album of the hear, but it’s easily the most insightful.

Shannon McArdle – “Poison My Cup”

Shannon McArdle – “He Was Gone”


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  1. I’ve been especially intrigued by that album since reading this interview with McArdle:


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