Soundtrack of our lives

August 9, 2008

Supporting Sigur Rós the other week was Sydney band Pivot.  As the first ever Australian signing to legendary electronica label Warp, they’re about to get a whole lot bigger, which excites me no end.

I first heard them late at night on JJJ’s Australian music show “Home and Hosed” three years ago and they delighted me.  The cut up samples, the jazzy/disjointed guitars and the heavy beats were exciting.  The first album Make Me Love You was made of stuff like that.

In some ways, they should be easily dismissable as “The Australian Tortoise” or something equally reductive.  They’re not at all, even if they use a lot of similar sonic elements to a certain Chicago instrumental band.  Pivot are brilliant at creating textures and melodies and rhythms that stay in your head long after the CD has stopped spinning.

The band line-up is a little different and they’re apparently trying to make something more challenging with the new album O Soundtrack My Heart.  Live, they were definitely challenging, sending out pulses of bass and noise that shook the wooden floor and made your insides quiver.  They still retained the funky grooves and equally bizarre and entrancing electronic sounds from the Pivot of old, though, and that was great to hear.

To my ears, they don’t sound that different.  But I hope that a lot more people come to love them this time around.

Pivot – “Sweet Memory”


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