With horns and guns

August 5, 2008

Even more than I expected, I was thrilled by the experience of seeing Sigur Rós play at Festival Hall on Friday night.  For a band I’d always considered a little bit aloof and otherworldly, they were a lot of fun.  They had a brass band in white suits.  They got us to clap along to “Gobbledigook”.  They fired paper out over the audience.  They made a joyful noise that transcended mere music.

I should have known.  Whether they were always like this, I can’t say, but their latest (unpronounceable) album is easily their most light and fun-loving album.  It’s certainly a world away from the chilly expanses of 2002’s ( ).

On Friday, when they launched into the deliciously pop “Inní mér syngur vitleysingur”, my brother turned to me and said half-shocked “It’s Coldplay!”  It’s not at all, but I knew what he meant.  There’s something so anthemic and crowd-pleasing about Sigur Rós’ newer songs that makes you half wonder if they might end up as the biggest band in the world.

To the thousands of people packed in the room the other night, they already were.

Sigur Rós – “Inní mér syngur vitleysingur”

Sigur Rós – “Við spilum endalaust”


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