Still wild about you

June 25, 2008

A fun experiment to do is to queue up soul legend Al Green’s new album Lay It Down back to back with one of his early 70s efforts and to try and pick when the album changes. You’ll probably pick it, but only if you’re paying attention.

That’s partly because of producer ?uestlove’s attention to period detail (even bringing in the Daptone Horns to recreate the Hi Records sound), but also because the singing and songwriting are just stunning. Al is in amazing voice for a guy in his 60s and he gives it all he’s got. For a laid-back album, there’s a lot of passion.

And it’s VERY laid-back. Al isn’t signing about the kind of animal passions he lifted to high art in the early days. No, this is a guy who’s settled down into a quieter phase of life. Which makes it perfect love music for couples. Particularly people who’ve been together since Al started making records.

But there’s enough beauty for the rest of us to enjoy it too – and occasionally he gets his funk back on.

Al Green – Stay With Me (By The Sea)

Al Green – Standing In The Rain


One comment

  1. Watch his performance of “Love and Happiness” at the BET Awards show right here: http://www.blender.com/LiveAlGreensFountainofYouthSoul/Blender-Blog/blogs/1168/26972.aspx?src=dx30:mtd

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