Format wars

June 7, 2008

Before last night, I only had the vaguest of recollections of VHS or Beta – I seemed to imaging that they were at the poppier end of mid-decade dance-punk. They used lots of synthesizers, right? But the memory wasn’t a bad one, so when my friend offered me a free ticket for the Factory Theatre show, I gladly took up the opportunity.

The crowd was mostly what you’d expect – young, immaculately-attired hipsters with hair just the right kind of scruffy, flannelette and jeans that wouldn’t fit a two year-old. And the band looked like a slightly older reflection of the crowd.

Once they started playing, I was charmed. Lots of danceable grooves a la The Rapture or Daft Punk, mixed with some serious stadium rock aspirations. So much melody, so much enthusiasm. It seems that they’ve changed a bit since first gaining attention – the rock element is a new addition from what I understand. But it fits them nicely. Unlike their jeans.

VHS or Beta – “Fall Down Lightly”

VHS or Beta – “Burn It All Down”


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