Super no more?

May 2, 2008

In my teenage years, Supergrass was one of my absolute favourite bands. They were young, they ran green, they kept their teeth nice and clean. They had energy and great songs. And they had facial hair to die for. In fact, my decision to grow sideburns aged 17 was to look more like Gaz Coombes. True story.

But a lot of time has passed since those days. I Should Coco is 13 years old, In It For The Money is 11. Even the compilation Supergrass is 10 is a few years old itself. A whole new breed of Britpop band has exploded onto the scene with a similar kind of cockiness and swagger. Bands like Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys may be little more than the aftershock of the mid-90s quake, but for today’s kids they’re just as meaningful as the ‘Grass were for me back then.

Nostalgia is a bitch, though, and I got a bit excited when I saw Diamond Hoo Ha, the absurdly-titled new album from the Oxford lads, in stores. I can’t say it’s lived up to my hopes. In their quest for relevance, they’ve unleashed a first single (“Diamond Hoo Ha Man”) that starts off something like “Blue Orchid” and ends up sounding like…Jet?

Lucky for you and I that there’s at least one kickarse pop song on the album – latest single “Rebel In You”. Let’s hope there are still more where that came from.

Supergrass – “Rebel In You”


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