The Return of Jim

April 12, 2008

Jamie Lidell is a genius. So many people have attempted to pilfer from the riches of old soul music and it always ends up sounding like empty mimicry. Jamie writes songs that are arguably on a par with the best things that Otis or Marvin or Curtis or Michael or Prince sang. He also has the vocal chops to pull it off.

The new album Jim, out later this month, is a little bit safer than his future-past-disco-soul debut. He’s taking fewer risks and the songs belong more clearly to specific time periods. But the quality is still there.

You can get a bit of a taster in the amazing video below:

And here are some of the standouts from my first listen to the album.

Jamie Lidell – “Another Day”

Jamie Lidell – “All I Wanna Do”


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