One night of love

April 7, 2008

I like to think I’m not someone to get all hot and heavy over the latest buzz band out of the UK. In fact, I’m usually at pains to avoid even listening to the critics’ faves. Sometimes this is to my detriment, other times to my benefit. Luckily I hadn’t read a lot in the press about Mystery Jets before their second album Twenty-One hit stores and the internet. If I had, you probably wouldn’t have been reading this post.

And I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the melodic, brit-poppy goodness that the Jets are.

You may have heard the lead single, “Young Love” – it’s a good one and has a delightful clip. If you can resist the hand-mouths during Laura Marling’s verse, you’re made of far cooler stuff than me.

Best of all is that “Young Love” isn’t even the choice pick of the album. Personal favourites are the rough-edged and bittersweet “Veiled In Grey” and the superb 80s throwback “Two Doors Down”. Most of these new Brit bands tend to deal in nothing but 80s throwbacks, but Mystery Jets aren’t afraid to go beyond the Orange Juice/XTC influences to sound more like…um…A-Ha? Bugger it – I’m going to use that as a compliment.

Mystery Jets – “Veiled In Grey”

Mystery Jets – “Two Doors Down”


One comment

  1. As always, can’t download the song, but love the clip.
    Apparently I’m not made of cooler stuff than you. Damn.

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