Disco Hour

March 29, 2008

RoisinI wasn’t a huge fan of Moloko, although I’ve got to admit to having danced to some of their singles. I guess I found them a little bit “strange” at the time.

Now that frontwoman Roisin (Ro-sheen) Murphy is all solo and stuff, I’m quite interested, even if she’s a lot more pop and a lot less strange than what I normally listen to. Contradiction? Maybe.

After her last Matthew Herbert-produced record earnt some attention (and some Gray’s Anatomy plays), Murphy seems to have upped the disco.  And taken on some interesting headwear.

Overpowered came out just at the end of last year and it’s a bit of an oddball assortment of different pop styles.  There’s no real coherence or flow, but most of the tracks are pretty unforgettable.   A few favourites of mine are the friends-becoming-lovers track “You Know Me Better” and the Kylie-esque “Let Me Know”.

You may like them too.

Roisin Murphy – “You Know Me Better”

Roisin Murphy – “Let Me Know” 



  1. But…how did you know she was played on Grey’s anatomy?

  2. Oh, some friend of mine watches it.

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