In the gutter, staring at the stars

March 25, 2008

If you’ve spent any time in my company, you’ve probably had me force a Twilight Singers album or song on you with the creepy intensity of a pusher using his own product. They’re an uneven band, but the concept – Afghan Whigs anthemic grunge mixed with trip-hop and electronic flourishes – what a concept! Some of the tracks on Blackberry Belle stand as my all-time favourites and I’m pretty much always in the mood for them.

They’re dark too, and never more dark than when they let a truly moody bastard like the Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan provide guest vocals, as he did on 2003’s “Number Nine”. The combination of two early 90s stalwarts singing about women and despair was luckily not a one-off, because the Singers’ Greg Dulli and Lanegan are back in ’08 as The Gutter Twins.

No big surprises with the sound. It sounds a lot like “Number Nine” stretched out over a number of tracks. Not a bad thing by any means.

The Twilight Singers – “Number Nine”

The Gutter Twins – “The Stations”


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