Horns of victory

March 10, 2008
Reel Big Fish

Back when I was in high school, I played trumpet. You may not know this about me.

Now the trumpet is a brilliant instrument. It’s been a driving force through centuries of music, from baroque through to jazz. But it’s not a very rock ‘n’ roll instrument. When my school friends were working out the licks to Metallica and AC/DC, I was learning how to play Duke Ellington. Could I show off these skills at parties? No, sir.

My love of brass instruments led me into some ill-advised choices of rock music, simply because the band included a horn section. Exhibit A is Reel Big Fish (above).

Luckily there are some good rock songs that feature horn sections. In particular is the pummelling noisy artcore of Parts & Labor’s song “Fractured Skies” from last year. It’s one of those tracks that starts off kind of ugly before erupting into something triumphant and beautiful.

And it’s the horns that do it. Listen.

Parts & Labor – “Fractured Skies”


One comment

  1. How could liking Reel Big Fish ever be ill-advised? What about Area 7? They’re still cool, right?

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