Holiday romance

March 8, 2008

Perhaps it’s because I came a little bit late to the Peter Bjorn and John craze that I didn’t get hung up on “the whistling track”. Just as well, because the rest of Writer’s Block is pretty top-notch.

One of my favourite tracks is Peter’s almost impossibly whimsical “Paris 2004” – with its light as air feel, its tales of romantic strolls around the French capital and refrain of “I’m all about you, you’re all about me, we’re all about each other”.

Too sweet?

Not when you really think about it. The fact that the song is titled after a very specific time and very specific place suggests that the warm feelings were confined to that one trip to Paris.

It gives you that sense of sadness you feel when you can look back and say “Yep, March 2004 – that’s when things were good”. And for pop songs soaked in that kind of thirty-something regret, PB&J are pros.

Peter Bjorn and John – “Paris 2004”


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