Love, love is the answer

February 19, 2008

On my travels through the US of A, I ended up in the pretty college town of Athens, GA – home to REM, the B-52s, Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Now It’s Overhead etc etc. But my big musical discovery there wasn’t even from Athens.

In fact, the Poison Control Center are from Ames, Iowa. But they did rock the hell out of Athens on the night I saw them support Casper and the Cookies in a venue where you would have struggled to swing the proverbial cat. My enduring memory is of them jumping maniacally around the stage, bashing their instruments and pulling random girls out of the audience to shout the refrain to “Magic Circle Symphony”.

If you don’t know it (and why should you?) it goes:

Love, love is the answer
Until you get cancer
Then you’re lying, dying, dead

Good times for all. The CD version isn’t quite the same experience, but it’s a demented and catchy slice of spazzed-out rock ‘n’ roll. You’ll know what I mean when you click the link below.

The Poison Control Center – “Magic Circle Symphony”


One comment

  1. I’m so sad about the demise of my casper and the cookies cd and zine. IF YOU FIND IT IN YOUR STUFF TELL ME but it’s more likely to be hidden somewhere in my stuff still. Though – probably not.

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