Law and order

February 8, 2008

Did I mention I went to see The Police’s reunion tour this year? Well, I did. And it was brilliant. Sting is still in fine voice and they all jumped around the stage (not too much, though, they have hips to look after). It was everything you’d hope for.

Except, of course, for the oddity of Fergie as the support act. I mean…Fergie? Speaking to some of my old co-workers today, they couldn’t see the problem. But Goodnight Believer readers (both of you) are a more discerning class.

So, in honour of people who can tell the difference between artists that would sound appropriate an hour before The Police take the stage and those that don’t, I present a couple of recent tracks that sound a lot like The Police. In a good way.

First up – New Orleans art-popsters Mute Math. Paul Meany always sounds like he has taken all his vocal cues directly from Sting. And even if the music is a lot more lush and electronic than The Police – a band that usually stuck to a bare-bones production style – the tricky-dick rhythms are there too.

Secondly – Grand National from the UK, who actually started out life as a Police cover band. They listen to a lot of The Specials too, so they’re kind of an 80s Brit reggae-pop revival band. Their 2007 album is probably less Police-y than the first, but I’m sure you can hear the influences still.

But speaking of Fergie – did you know that the Black Eyed Peas used to be just called The Peas? That was until they met Chuck Norris.

Mute Math – “Noticed”

Grand National – “Weird Ideas At Work”


One comment

  1. Personally, I thought Fergie was awesome. I mean, she sang that “My Hump” song. I’m sure Sting loved it.

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