This is insect speed

November 6, 2007

Sometimes I just ignore music for no good reason at all. Like the 2005 album by German lap-pop dudes The Notwist with weirdo American rappers Themselves. I should have known that I would dig it and yet I busied myself with other things. I guess there’s always so much to be listening to.

Better late than never, anyway. Because 13 & God is an impressive piece of dark and experimental hip-hop (if you can even call it that). It’s got the glitchy yet melodic thing that The Notwist do so well along with alternating vocals from the nasal Germans and the even more nasal (and tremendously abstract) Californians.

Where to start? Here are some good points:

13 & God – “Afterclap”

13 & God – “Perfect Speed”


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