Satansville revisited

October 23, 2007

Highway shot

Imagine my excitement today on reading that one of my all-time favourite bands is reforming for the mighty dollar. Just imagine.

Swervedriver were a minor band in the early 90s British wave of noisy rock known as “shoegazer”. They were never as critically acclaimed as My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive. They never had a big pop single like the Boo Radleys. But for those in the know, they were the band, the one you could solemnly swear undying loyalty to.

Sadly, luck was always against them. Their third album was shelved in America and their last album was greeted mostly with shrugs. But their fanbase is still strong and apparently they’ve decided there’s still a market for loud, effects-laden songs about cars and motorcycles.

The last time they toured Australia, I was still underage and couldn’t find anyone to give me a lift to Melbourne anyway. After seeing a re-formed and still-angry Pixies this year, I’m hoping for big things.

To commemorate this event, I’ll share a few of my favourite tracks from the olden days. The classic 1993 single “Last Train To Satansville” is worth your attention (it’s possibly my favourite song of all time), but I’m opting for the b-side version with the country hoedown verses, “Satansville Revisited”. And then there’s “The Birds” off the ill-fated 1996 Ejector Seat Reservation album – as perfect a slice of sun-kissed indie pop as you could imagine.

Swervedriver – “Satansville Revisited”

Swervedriver – “The Birds”



  1. any chance of getting satansville revisited back up?

  2. Maybe when I get back from holidays. Check back in late January.

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