Compare and contrast

October 21, 2007

Band picture

The best thing about Sweden’s The Radio Dept. is that they manage to fuse so many of my favourite styles all in one band. They’re kind of jangly and twee, they can be fuzzy and shoegazer and they can also be bleepy and electronic. It’s a win-win-win situation.

I’ve been working my way backwards through their catalogue and was excited to find a track the seemed to be the exact combination of two of my favourite 90s indie pop songs. “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done” has got the same jangly-but-sad feel as “Wish I Wash Skinny” by the Boo Radleys as well as a very similar guitar lead part. But at the same time, it has the same thrashy, lo-fi amateurism that I love in “Touch the Water”, a little-known track from US shoegazers Lilys.

Maybe you can hear it too.

The Radio Dept. – “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done”

Boo Radleys – “Wish I Was Skinny”

Lilys – “Touch The Water”


One comment

  1. Yay! Now I’ll know what you meant. Except “bus” is still my fave from lesser matters.

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