Triumphal entrance

October 16, 2007

Rogue Wave

The standard two-year-album cycle means that 2007 has brought follow-ups from many of my favourite artists of 2005 (glares at Sufjan Stevens) including anthemic indie-popsters Rogue Wave. Their second album (and first as a band proper) Descended Like Vultures snuck up on me over the summer of 2005-6 and it was only when my iTunes showed every track off the album in my Top 25 that I realised how much I loved it.

The newie is getting mixed reviews, a little bit like the last one, so maybe it has the same slow-burn potential. What doesn’t need any particular processing or digesting is the absolutely barnstorming first track. “Harmonium” is everything that is good and pure in indie rock right now and you owe it to yourself to listen to it. From the dischordant opening bars, through some “Where The Streets Have No Name” type of dramatic guitar rock and some Wrens-ish angst into the crashing final movement – it’s all compulsively listenable.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from the electrifying pen of Zac Rogue and off the enthralling new album Asleep At Heaven’s Gate, I give you:

Rogue Wave – “Harmonium”


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