Dr Stringz to the rescue

October 14, 2007

Even though he’s been around for a number of years, 2007 marks my discovery of the virtuosic Andrew Bird. I remember seeing pictures of this eccentric-looking guy with an abundance of stringed instruments playing at the first Pitchfork festival a few years back and being mildly curious. But it was Armchair Apocrypha from the early months of this year that won me over to the cause.

Reasons Andrew Bird is worth your attention:

1. He can literally play any instrument with strings.

2. He performed on a children’s program as a character called Dr Stringz and it’s hilarious.

3. His vocal range and tone is truly something to behold.

Here’s a 2007 track and a not-so-new track.

Andrew Bird – “Simple X”

Andrew Bird – “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left”


One comment

  1. hey!!!! I love that musician!!!
    dr stringz rules!!
    I`m looking forward to that song a long time ago!…

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