Smiles in the valley of the dolls

October 4, 2007

An album that epitomises the warmth of that endless summer of 2004-5 for me is Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll, an album that was always overshadowed by the equally brilliant and overplayed single “Drop The Pressure”. The rest of the album was a delicious mix of late-90s house music and early-2000s electroclash. And it started so well with the sunniest track on the album – “Valley of the Dolls”.

The name should have been a dead giveaway for little sample-spotter me, but I only got wise on Saturday when the bar staff at the Lounge on Swanston Street gave the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Soundtrack a spin. The theme song by 60s folk-poppers The Sandpipers is the source of the beautiful “bah bah bah” bit in the Mylo track and a pretty sweet pop song in its own right.

As Sydney swelters in a premature Summer, it seems appropriate to share some good-time sunshine tunes.

(Thanks to Tova for sourcing the Sandpipers track)

Mylo – “Valley of the Dolls”

The Sandpipers – “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (vocal version)”


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  1. You are most welcome, my dear.

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