Office space

September 27, 2007

cubicle land

This last week, I’ve been confronted with how unstable the private sector world really is – where your job can be at the whim of shareholders on the other side of the world. Or how office politics can make things more difficult than they need to be.

A song that captures that tension beautifully is the jerky and raucous “Middle Management” by the otherwise sedate Bishop Allen.

Reasons it’s perfect:

1. Amazing punky guitar riff.

2. Call and response bridge.

3. “Alright!” shouted repeatedly.

Oh, don’t take my word. Listen to it yourself.

Bishop Allen – “Middle Management”



  1. Is that your workplace? Did you take that picture with your click click click click camera?

  2. No, I think if they saw me take photos around the office they’d think I was working for the competition.

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