Elder stateswomen

September 24, 2007

When I went through a major trip-hop kick around the turn of the century, Everything But The Girl’s “Temperamental” and “Walking Wounded” albums were regular listening. They still stand up pretty well as examples of late-90s electro-pop and the jungly beats haven’t dated badly. But it’s been a long time and music has moved on a lot.

So what do we make of Tracey Thorn’s solo album circa 2007? This from a woman who already reinvented herself in the mid-90s as an indie dance icon after a decade and a half of soft jazz-pop?

Well, “Out of the Woods” has been playing at my place for a while and it’s definitely grown on me. The evolution from late EBTG is smaller than may be expected given the time elapsed, but it’s no retro throwback. And there are a couple of tracks at the end of the album that make me very happy indeed, including a mellow piano ballad and a dancey showstopper.

Have motherhood and middle-age finished Tracey Thorn? I strongly doubt it.

Tracey Thorn – By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept

Tracey Thorn – Raise The Roof


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