Lazy daze

September 23, 2007


It’s a sunny Sunday here in Sydney, Australia – the kind of lazy afternoon when you make yourself a gigantic sandwich with steak and caramelised onions and avocado and baby spinach that dissolves in your mouth. It’s an immensely satisfying experience and is only enhanced by just the right musical soundtrack.

Lucky for me, I’ve recently got hold of Californian band Pinback’s newie “Autumn of the Seraphs”. If you’re familiar with their last three albums of idiosyncratic, laidback indie rock, this one is no big surprise. It still sounds to me like Fugazi in an especially genial mood or a less demented Modest Mouse. This one continues on from 2004’s “Summer in Abbadon” by introducing a slightly harder edge, but it’s not as if they’ve gone punk rock. It’s still ideal for a hipster BBQ.

A pretty little standout from the album is “Good to Sea” – I hope it suits your mood too.

Pinback – “Good to Sea”


One comment

  1. I love this one. I can tell I’m really going to like this new blog of yours. It will keep me from feeling like an old married lady.

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